Friday, April 30, 2010

Review: EOTO Metronome Burlington, VT 4/29

When I arrived at Metronome on April 29th to see EOTO, there was a huge line out front. The show featuring Travis and Jason from String Cheese Incident was sold out and there were tons of kids under 21 looking for a ticket to get in so they could shake their groove things. When I walked into the newly designed Metronome it was perfect timing...the two men were just about to take the stage. The crowd was fabulous! Everyone was very into the music and you could tell they were letting it take them away to far away lands. That is just where Travis and Hann want them to be. I saw people twirling glow sticks, hula hoopers, and tons of people rockin out like there was no tomorrow. That is what EOTO does to you. You can't help it. It doesn't matter if you have class at 8am or have to work in the morning. It was all happening at Metronome and being there was the best place on earth at that moment in time.

Thank you EOTO for sharing your passion with Burlington, VT!

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