Friday, April 16, 2010

The Chocolate Conspiracy Maca Bar Review

I invited a couple of my friends to taste the Chocolate Conspiracy Maca bar and here are their reactions.

Tim: Powdery and yet melty, many flavors but not overly complex, tastes a bit fruity even though no fruit inside, feels like its roots are in superfood though it is not the raw zing that cacao brings usually. It makes my heart race but the high isn't very long lasting. I feel like it has potential for vitality but it's not quite enlivening yet.

Journey: (disclaimer: I'm addicted to chocolate) This is a dark chocolate lover's chocolate. The taste starts with an earthy bitter chocolate, and melds into a bitter berry (like unripe raspberry) and finishes very dry and bitter. I'm not sure of the health benefits of all of the ingredients of this chocolate bar, but I would recommend it for a simple melt-in-your-mouth treat!

Dan: Very different taste. Takes some getting used to. Has a slight gritty feel probably from the maca. At first I found I wasn't sure i if I liked it but after a few bites I found myself wanting more. It is definitely one of those foods that as you eat more of it you want more of it.

Taraleigh: Honestly I didn't like the first bite. It kind of tasted like dirt, but in a kinda good way. Then I had a second bite and it was a little better than the first bite. I took a third bite and I was sold. I loved it. It is amazing how when you are having a food that your body wants it starts to taste delicious and you want more and more. That is how it was with this chocolate. I am now I huge fan and am excited to finish typing so I can go eat more!

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