Monday, April 5, 2010

Pretty Lights 4/4 Higher Ground Ballroom Vermont

Let me start this review by sharing that I am no longer a spring chicken. When I found out that Pretty Lights weren't taking the stage at Higher Ground Ballroom in Burlington, VT until eleven at night I was concerned that it was past my bed time for a Sunday night. Usually on Sunday night I am curled in bed reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on my way to dream land. This Sunday night was different. Pretty Lights was in town and I was excited to find out what all the buzz is about.

I walked into the venue just as Pretty Lights started their set. I looked around and I've gotta say, I felt pretty old. It was an all ages rager where most of the people were under 21 and sporting a new style of high top sneakers, flat brim hats, skinny jeans, and cut off t-shirts. Wait...actually that isn't a new style. It's kinda how I dressed in the eighties. I didn't know it was back! It didn't matter if you were eighteen or eighty, this was a show you were going to enjoy and for the next 3 hours you weren't going to stop dancing even if you tried. One bonus of all ages shows is that there is never a line at the bar. One downside is that there is always a line for water.

What Pretty Lights does to music and to the crowd is an amazing thing to hear and to watch. They have this amazing back drop that is made of millions of pretty lights that change into cool designs and images. It really ties the whole thing together. Add in the way they mix beats, choose unique songs to sample, dance around, add in live drumming and feed off the crowd and you've got something really special and we all felt it. We felt lucky to be there and to be part of the show. It really felt like the crowd was another member of the band...and we showed up and played our best show to date. I'm pretty sure Pretty Lights did too.

If you get a chance to see Pretty Lights on their tour or at the many festivals they are booked at this summer do it!

By Taraleigh

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