Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Bassnectar Higher Ground Burlington, VT 4/21

I was on Facebook on Wednesday and I realized by reading many excited statuses about Bassnectar coming to Higher Ground that I forgot to get tickets for the show...and it was sold out. I accepted that I might not be going. That afternoon I was walking into town to meet Dan for lunch when I saw this huge bus that said "World Sustainability Tour" on it. I knocked on the door and a guy came out and invited me on. I said, "How do I not know about The World Sustainability Tour in Burlington?" The man told me that it was Bassnectar's bus. He showed me around and informed me of all of the changes they had made to the bus to make their tour more green. The bus was equipted with solar radiant heat, bamboo floors, solar hot water, etc. I set up an interview with Bassnectar and left the bus with 2 passes to the show. Woohoo!

I am now a huge Bassnectar fan. Not only is he awesome because of his eco-consciousness, but he is awesome because of his music. The way he plays with sound and the crowd's energy is amazing. At one point I heard 8 different tracks going at one time. Everyone in the building was going crazy from start to finish. We were all going crazy obviously because of the sounds Bassnectar was mixing and also because watching him make music is so fun. His energy is soooo contagious! Get your ass to a show asap and make sure to save your hearing and bring ear plugs.

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