Thursday, September 24, 2009

AO! Sale

This weekend a very cool store called AO! (Arentzen & Ohlander) in Burlington, VT is having a 2nd Very Artsy Sale on Friday Sept 25th from 11-5 and Saturday Sept 26th from 10-4.

Find future gifts and that hand made glass you have always wanted...for a lot less money! Prototypes and odds and ends with extra charm...

404 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey in Burlington

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey returns to Burlington for two very special performances on Sunday October 4th. First an unique stripped down version will be presented at an in-store show at Pure Pop Records at 2pm. Then later that night around 8pm the band opens for Mike Gordon at Higher Ground!

The band just wrapped up an incredible new EP entitled 'One Day in Brooklyn' which was recorded at 58N6 in Brooklyn,NY in July. The EP is set to be released on September 1st and marks the debut of the new quartet lineup in the studio setting. In addition the EP is the first release on JFJO's new record label Kinnara Records.

A description of JFJO's new sound for those yet to hear the latest incarnation is in order -- this is after all a band once described by Signal To Noise as having "a breadth and vision nearly untouched in modern jazz except by the likes of Wayne Shorter and Bill Frisell." With the addition of Combs on lap steel and Hayes on acoustic bass, JFJO has perhaps invented its own genre: red dirt jazz, equal parts earthy and nimble, pastoral and sweeping, elegant and rollicking. The quartet taps into their birthright, drawing upon "The Tulsa Sound" born of hometown heroes like JJ Cale, Bob Wills, and Leon Russell. These roots grow up into a jazz foundation that's built firmly upon the likes of Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk.

Check out some YouTube Clips!

Download Winterwood for free at!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eco-Tourism Tip Rent a Segway

Segway Canada Adventures with Taraleigh and Kimberly

Hi. I'm Taraleigh and I am a Segway-a-holic. My sister Kimberly and I were looking for a unique eco way to explore Montreal when we stumbled upon the website Neither of us had ever Segwayed before so we reserved two Segways as well as booked a required indoor training with Eric. When we arrived at the Segway Montreal building that was in Old Montreal along the river our excitement and nervousness hit us. Were they really going to let us go alone after just a short training? Would we be ready? Should women and children be scared?

We checked in and signed all the forms saying that we were responsible for ourselves and the machines, picked out our helmets, and started training. Eric explained everything really well and had us practice going forward, going backwards, spinning in a circle, going up and down hills, bumpy roads, and most important how to stop. Kim and I were experts in no time and we were on our way into the real world.

We went all over the waterfront of Old Montreal. We traveled on boardwalks, parking lots, over bridges, and on cobblestone. The forty five minutes flew by and I wanted more. Segwaying is so easy and fun. There are many cities that are using Segways not only for eco-tourism but also for the police force. They run on lithium ion batteries and are helping cities lessen their dependence on foreign oil. Maybe Kim and I should change our occupations since we rocked the Segways. Well maybe not.

Kim and I give Segway Montreal 5 footprints on a scale of 1 to 5.