Thursday, February 4, 2010

How We Got an Interview with Ed Begley Jr.

by Taraleigh

Hopefully you have all checked out the Feb/March Issue of The Healthy Hippie Magazine. If you haven't, CLICK HERE

Here is the story of how I got to interview Academy Award winner and star of Living With Ed on the Planet Green Channel, Ed Begley Jr.

I watch Oprah everyday. Partly because I think she is so inspirational and partly because I imagine myself being on her show. Anything is possible right? One day Ed Begley Jr. was on the show talking about all of the things he does to make our world a better place and to keep it beautiful for generations to come. I thought to myself, "He should totally be in our magazine!"

So when the show was over I immediately went to Ed Beley Jr.'s website and found the contact me section. I told him how I saw him on Oprah and that I think he would be perfect for our magazine. Almost immediately I got a response directly from him. He said that he would love to do an interview and he set me up with his brand manager so we could schedule it.

A month later I called Ed Begley Jr. at home! When he answered he said, "I have really been looking forward to this interview." I did a dance and tried not to scream. He was excited about talking to me?!?!?! I was so excited to be talking to him. The interview went awesome and he answered all of my questions with a lot of passion. This man is the real deal. He was green before green was cool. In fact he used to get made fun of by all of his celebrity friends. I introduced him to Michael Franti and Spearhead and told him about the Rothbury Festival (which to my disappointment isn't taking place this year). We had great conversation and I felt so blessed to have this time with him.

My point to this story is that anything is possible and you will never know if you can have something unless you ask for it.