Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review: The Chocolate Conspiracy Goji Bar

Dan and I invited our friends Shannon and Sage over for dinner and I told them about the magic that is The Chocolate Conspiracy and they were intrigued and told me they had to taste it. I told them the only way they were allowed to experience something so awesome was to blog about it for the Healthy Hippie.

This is what we all thought about it....

Taraleigh: This was my favorite flavor of all the chocolate bars. I love goji berries and this one was delicious. I feel better and healthier from eating this bar. This kind of chocolate is more nourishment than something that will cure you chocolate craving. I highly recommend. Yum!!!

Shannon: Melted smoothly in my mouth, but I would have enjoyed a big glass of fresh milk with my vegan treat. Goji berries added added natural sweetness, but it could have used something creamy.

Sage: The chocolate had an immediate taste of cocao with a strong bitter flavor. The taste shifted quickly to salty - but was lacking substance in the center palette. I felt the chocolate could have benefited from a higher level of coconut milk.

Dan: mmmmm. That was good. I usually don't like dark raw chocolate but this was good. Not too bitter and had good flavor. Each bite I want more. I recommend giving it a try.

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