Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here is a pic of us at our first Healthy Hippie Event in Austin - This was a launch for Muve Music from Cricket at Maggie Mae's. Cricket has the first wireless plan with unlimited music! They offer unlimited nationwide talk, text, web, and MUSIC for $65.00 per month. Go play with one today! Uncle Todd sure thought it was cool! P.S. Notice our media tags...we felt famous! So now I know how my niece Taraleigh feels at all times!

Next stop was dinner at Stubb's Barbecue for some fantastic authentic Texas BBQ.

Live music was next on the agenda, so we went to Friends Bar on 6th Street. We loved that we got carded so they are #1!!!! The band Swamp Sauce has a funny name but they were awesome!

One more stop at Chuggin' Monkey. I knew I loved this band when they started playing Ozzy Ozbourne and then Santana. Now I was told the singer/band was John Travis; however, i can't find any info on him! This band was the best I've heard so far in Austin! Another plus, they had a huge TV with the Yankee game in full view!

Now tomorrow we are taking a Healthy Hippie break, but Friday kicks off the Austin City Limits Music Festival that we've been waiting for! So stay tuned!

Healthy Hippie Reps, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Todd

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