Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 1

Today was Day #1 at Austin City Limits and we took it a little slow...this was our first festival ever! Here I am (Aunt Debbie) enjoying the fan misters on this pretty sweltering day, although it was down to 93 from the 103 of yesterday! A big gust of wind blew my hair out of control as Uncle Todd took the picture!

It was nice to be treated extra special in the Media area. This included being able to charge up my cell phone and Porta-Potties which had sinks with running water! I have no fear of the Porta-Potties anymore!

A miracle rained! Texas is in the middle of a long drought, there are wildfires, and it's dangerous! The festival brought some much needed raindrops and excellent music!

It was great to experience some unknown bands (to us, at least)... we saw An Horse, Reptar, Bobby Long, The Cave Singers, Pretty Lights, and Sara Bareilles, and then the known bands
(to us) - Ray LaMontagne, Bright Eyes, and Coldplay! It was a super hot day, and these bands made it even hotter!

Many of the people running the show are volunteers. It is amazing how many people are available to assist us to find our way, picking up garbage, and making sure everyone has a safe and fun day.

Our sons have given us a list of bands for which they would like I guess tomorrow will include a little bit of shopping!

Tomorrow I plan to visit some of the booths...I will be working hard to find some entertaining info to share :)

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