Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 3!

Yesterday was the final day of the festival, but we tried to put that out of our minds and set out to enjoy the day. I think this was the hottest day yet (music and temperature!).

More bands today we discovered include
MilkDrive, Seth Walker, Yellow Ostrich, Pernikoff Brothers, Nick 13, and Empire of the Sun.

The bands known to us who we saw were The Airborn Toxic Event, The Head and The Heart (pictured on the right), Joseph Arthur, Elbow, Fleet Foxes, Social Distortion, and Arcade Fire!

Aunt Debbie enjoying the music in sweltering heat!

We made a new friend, Dennis Ayotte, a reporter. and photographer. We spent a lot of time chatting with him in the Media tent, and he gave us some tips since we are newbies! He also gave us some insight on some new and upcoming bands who we will be looking for!

Check out his report of ACL at! He also has a blog called I Have MAN(y) Issues, so check that out as well!

So then it was time to go and it was a little sad, but we have awesome memories of discovering so many bands we've never heard of and will look up and follow in the future.

What a great festival Austin City Limits is. It's all anyone talks about anywhere you go in the city of Austin. Everyone is so proud of it, and what a great city Austin is. We loved it!!! We hope we can return next year and do it all again!

Thank you for reading this blog!

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Todd :)

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