Monday, June 20, 2011

What the HH Readers Think of Camp Bisco

  • I love ILCC and the bikers! I love that I don't have to walk 10,000 miles from my tent to the stages. I love chillin under the trees. I love all the fun art installations they have each year. I love the wide range of musicians that play. I love making fun of the sully Bisco wooks. I love that it's so close to home!

    Randy Kramer Pierce

    I love that everyone loves everyone. Everyone gathers for one sole purpose and that is: to free the soul, feel the vibes and take in all different forms of art in whatever crazy mindset the weekend happens to bring to you. You can walk into camp with $5 in your pocket and walk out rich with memories, connections and a never ending love for all that is Camp Bisco...and duh! The Biscuits themselves!!

    Missy Mertens

    I like that it is a non stop dance party in the land of the heady. I love that there are much less annoying ass hippies than most festivals. I like watching the wack jobs roam around at 5am.

    Greg Walton

    I love the music and all of the secret special things the Biscuits do to make sure that we are all having the best time of our lives. I won't tell you what those things are because you have to get your butt to Camp Bisco this year and see for yourselves.
    See you there!

    Taraleigh Weathers

  • Get your tickets to Camp Bisco by clicking HERE!
    Join the party in Mariaville, NY from July 7-9

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