Saturday, June 11, 2011

StrangeCreek is Steppin' it up!

Close to two weeks after this year’s StrangeCreek Campout Music Festival I’m still glowing! Going back to Camp Kee-Wanee for me is like taking a trip ‘home’ to see friends and family I get to celebrate life with once or twice a year. I’ve been extremely fortunate to watch this festival grow over the past several years. With each year this festival gains momentum musically and a following faithful fans, so much so that this year is the first year the festival sold out! Not only has the festival grown, but the festival grounds have grown as well. Some of you may not know that the venue used for StrangeCreek is a summer camp for kids. Over the years the dedicated Wormtown Trading staff has helped to make huge improvements to the camp, clearing out tons of poison ivy, creating safe pathways for the campers to enjoy the creek, and building new cabins. One of the attributes that make the Wormtown family so special is that all of these improvements are done by volunteers who head up to camp early or agree to stay late to work their tails off to not only make Wormtown Festivals as fun (and safe) as possible, but also to help enrich the experiences of hundreds of campers.

In true Wormtown fashion the Worms are working hard at building three new cabins for the upcoming Summer Camp Season. These new cabins will serve as ‘home rooms’ for the campers to start and finish their days in. I love watching the evolution of the last set of cabins built by Wormtown. The campers have left their mark on our late cabins. (Be sure to check out the handprints, artwork, and messages left inside the cabins by the campers) reminding us that the camp is filled with love and joy all summer, not just on our special weekends spent there.

Not only have the Worms helped improve the grounds, but through the collection and redemption of cans and water and ice sales Camp Kee-Wanee benefits financially as well! Thanks to this income they have been able to keep the cost of camp extremely low which help allow more kids to experience the magic of Camp Kee-Wanee!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the line up for Wormtown in the fall, and help support this great community! Check their website for all the latest updates

Just a friendly reminder of how important it is to clean up after ourselves after our stay at Camp Kee-Wanee, the campers deserve a super clean and fun experience!

by Erin Connolly

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