Monday, June 6, 2011

Jade Rocks Desert Rocks in Utah

Why Desert Rocks...Rocks!

When you think of a desert there may be a few words that come to mind to describe it; hot, dry, brown, lifeless, or even death. After attending Desert Rocks Music Festival in Moab, Utah this past Memorial Day weekend the words I use to describe a desert have changed drastically. Although it was very hot, the weekend had nothing dry, brown, lifeless, or anything close to death about it.

We arrived a little late to the festival on Friday afternoon and were greeted with smiling faces and a blistering sun. The festival organizers were completely prepared for the heat and the sun. There were always ample amounts of drinking water for festival patrons to rehydrate and cool down with. Even though the festival was relatively small, organizers even provided showers.

At many other festivals I have been to Monday morning has looked like a war scene. With trash and beer cans and bottles everywhere left behind from the previous nights’ activities. Coordinators did a fantastic job of having plenty of trash and recycling receptacles though out the grounds. We all felt a little better leaving the desert as we found it...clean and green.

Lifeless, I believe, would have to be the last word that would describe this desert. Whether it be the joyful sound of music until sunrise or just the smiling happy faces of everyone attending, the weekend was full of life. The musical performances were out of this world. Everyone from Hot Buttered Rum, who threw down for two nights in a row, to some of smaller names like DARKO and Quintana, that welcomed the sunrise with many of us, all made this weekend overflow with life.

All in all Desert Rocks is by far one of my favorite festivals I have been to and plan on continuing attending for years.

By Jade Konitzer

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