Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Sisters Check Out Great American Taxi

On April 16, 2011 two sisters were lucky enough to not only be in Breckenridge, Colorado, but to get to see Great American Taxi for the first time. Did they love it? Did they hate it? Did they come out alive? Read on to see what they thought.

Taraleigh's Reaction (The Older Sister)

I know that I love Leftover Salmon so I was pretty certain I would love Great American Taxi and I was right! Three20South is kind of a dive bar in the basement of a building on Main Street in Breckenridge. Breckenridge isn't known for it's dive bars, but quite the opposite so I was pleasantly surprised with this venue since I am a dive bar fan. The opening band Oakhurst was fabulous and got me in the mood to rock the place with all my fancy dance moves. Once Great American Taxi took the stage I was ready for the ride and all my best moves came out. My sister's did too. That is probably why so many guys thought it was ok to say inappropriate things to us. I mean our moves were sick! Besides the inappropriate men the show was fantastic. Vince totally killed it. He has so much energy and gives it everything he's got. He brought the entire crowd on his ride of ragin bluegrass splendor and wouldn't let us out of the cab until he hit his last note...not that we wanted to get out of the cab anyway.

All in all the music was fabulous, the venue was down home and the people were dancing like there was no tomorrow. I would recommend that everyone get on the taxi that is called the Great American Taxi. You won't regret going for the ride. I hope they pick me up again soon!!!

Kimberly (The Younger Sister)

I had no idea what to expect from Great American Taxi, despite the fact that I live in NYC and spend a lot of time in some really great, uh, American taxis. Upon entering the bar, I felt encouraged by the dive bar feel, super cheap drinks and friendly bartenders. I was a bit skeeved out by the aforementioned way too forward guys, however decided to not let that put a damper on the night. We rocked out all night and really enjoyed the music, as well as the randomly placed tiki sculptures on the dance floor. The energy of the crowd was really amazing and got me totally pumped up to be spending my first night in the glorious ski town of Breckenridge. I would love to check them out again and would definitely recommend the band, the venue and our rocking dance moves to anyone who is looking for a good night!

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