Friday, April 22, 2011

EOTO at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, VT

EOTO, if you didn't know is comprised of the fabulous Jason Hann and Michael Travis of the String Cheese Incident. This side project is an electronic dub step experiment that has gone extremely well. If you compared it to a high school science project volcano, it would have erupted and blew the roof off the school. That is how awesome this side project is!

When I first arrived at the Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Vermont, I was surprised at how young everyone was. I don't want to date myself, but if I had a child at a young age they could have been at that show. Actually some of my friend's kids were. I loved the young energy and the outfits they had on were amazing. I'm going to use that for inspiration for outfits I'm going to plan out for the future. I didn't know that the 80's style of day glow tights and shiny silver bootie shorts were back...but I have to say that I'm thrilled. Anyway to get back to the subject of the show, these youngsters were loving it! They could hardly contain their excitement and were dancing like maniacs. I'm not sure how the Memorial Auditorium staff kept everyone from jumping from the rafters.

Jason Hann kept everyone's feet moving with his fast and furious drum beats while Michael Travis rocked our worlds with his guitar and computer mixer thing (I'm pretty sure that is the technical term). EOTO was the opener for Bass Nectar and usually when you are the opener, people don't show up until the main act is scheduled to hit the stage. This was not the case for EOTO. The auditorium was packed to the brim. That just shows you what an amazing act EOTO is.

Their tour is continuing and I wish I could just follow them around. Every show I've been to has knocked my socks off...and they were my fancy dancing socks. That's impressive. Make sure to check out all their future tour dates and don't miss them when they come to your town. If you will be sad and probably cry. I don't want you to cry.

EOTO's Website...check it out!!!

Review by: Taraleigh Weathers

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