Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review: A Course in Weight Loss-21 Spiritual Lessons

I just reviewed a phenomenal book written by Marianne Williamson called, "A Course in Weight Loss - 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering your Weight Forever."

This book is a "spiritual curriculum" designed to spiritually and emotionally help you shed your emotional weight as well as your physical weight.

In the beginning of the Introduction, Williamson begins describing this course, "Spirit alone has the power to positively and permanently reprogram both your conscious and subconscious mind."

She leads you through each chapter in a gradual step-wise fashion just like an actual course in school. The purpose of this book is to explain to you that your physical weight loss can very easily be taken off if you allow a higher power into your life and purge the emotional weight from your heart and spirit.

Much of this course is like how your sponsor in a 12-step program would help you through the 12 steps.

Williamson helps you to rediscover your true self and helps you to forgive and love your self again. Forgiveness and love are key ingredients to proper healing.

Williamson addresses that our physical weight is the result of how much emotional burden and issues we carry through our lives. The more emotional burdens and issues we mount onto our hearts, our physical bodies feel the need to physically grow just to hold on to all that burden.

Hoarding physical possessions and all kinds of addictions is how people are hoarding their emotional turmoil and burdens.

So many people suffer from emotional eating disorders and even smoking/alcohol addiction. Why do people latch on to such a hands-on addiction? Because it is the only reliable and dependable friend they know who can help them cope. Cigarettes and a bottle of alcohol will never leave them and will always be there for them. The cigarettes are right in there pocket or in their purse. Food also is something that will always be there for them and they think that it will never judge them or put them down. External crutches help people get through a day. People are more concerned about getting through a day than maintaining a long life. Through the course of this book, she helps you to break down these barriers and regain your sense of self again and increase your self-worth.

Oprah Winfrey had inspired this book for Williamson. She dedicated this book to Oprah and extended warm wishes of gratitude to her.

Dr. Dean Ornish wrote the Forward for this book discussing the magnitude of making healthy lifestyle choices and getting to the root cause of our obesity epidemic by healing from the inside out.

Oprah Winfrey was quoted, "Listen to the whisper before it becomes a scream." This is important in the healing of our physical and emotional self. By the time your body is screaming, it will take longer to heal because there is much more damage done.

This book is a phenomenal and excellent book for anyone who wishes to see themselves again and to find their inner happiness again. By doing so, they will lose their "unwanted" physical weight because there won't be anymore negative friction or self-hatred penetrating the body anymore.

There is a journal at the back of the book for note taking as well as exercises in each chapter. At the end of each chapter she gives you time to reflect and take a moment to write your thoughts and she gives you a prayer to say to your self during this process of self-discovery.

At the end of this book, you will be understanding to your self and be true to your self. You will be more giving to your heart's desire and be complete as a person.

Buy this book for a Christmas present for your SELF, relative, or friend! It will be the best investment ever!

By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

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