Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chris Paul Captures the Feeling of Strange Creek

Chris Paul captured the amazingness that is the Strange Creek Music Festival. Click on the link above to watch a slide show of the weekend.

The festival takes place every Memorial Day Weekend in Greenfield, MA at a children's camp. All camping is in the woods which I love because you can sleep in if you want to and you never wake up to a tent that is 150 degrees because of the blazing sun. Another aspect I love is that it is a family festival. You see the same people there every year. We are all committed to Strange Creek and the Worms and wouldn't want to be anywhere else that weekend. You also feel safe. The kid's area is the best one I have seen at a festival ever. Gabrielle (one of the producers) is responsible for this amazing area. It is blocked off to keep spun out wookies from wondering in and messing with the kids. They also have their own cabin, playground, and activities including the Healthy Hippie Dance Class I taught on Saturday afternoon.

There are three stage areas. The main stage where such acts like Max Creek, Strangefolk, Zach Deputy, Ryan Montbleau, Assembly of Dust, Nate Wilson Group, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Buzz Universe, and more perform. The field is open and you never feel crowded. You can dance as big as you want to. Another area is the River Worm Cafe which is found in the camping area. The last is Vernville which is also located in the camping area. Many times you will not only be treated to music at Vernville, but also breakfast and late-night movies.

Mark and Gabrielle are the people behind Strange Creek and it is obvious that they give it their all. They leave out nothing. Every night at the campfire we are treated to fire twirlers and drum circles. They recycle everything and donate the rebates back to the camp. There are enough port-o-potties and they are always clean. They offer flushing toilets to vendors, press, artists, and staff. There is the perfect amount of vending and you can get everything from a new drum from Everyone's Drumming, to a new hoodie from Hooked Productions, to glittery lotion from Woodland Pixie, to a new tie-dye dress from Bangkok Don, to a chicken curry pita from Ali Babas. To top it all off they offer us an all star line-up that goes until 6am every night! My only advice...don't miss their fall festival, Wormtown!

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