Monday, May 23, 2011

Phish Utica DVD

Yesterday 100 lucky Vermonters and me had the privilege of being some of the first people to experience the Phish Utica DVD. Merrill of Merrill's Roxy Theaters in downtown Burlington, VT generously handed over his theater to Phish and the WaterWheel Foundation for the night. 100% of the proceeds benefited music department of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Burlington. I heard we raised over $1500 for the cause. Go us!

The original show took place on October 20, 2010 at the Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica, NY and it was the show to be at and of course one of the only shows I missed on that tour. The show at the sold out auditorium which is the size of a high school's basketball gym has been buzzed about ever since it happened. Way to go Phish Inc for picking a show where not that many fans got to experience and now they do!

I would suggest gathering all the money you have left after you buy all your tickets to go see the band and purchase this DVD immediately! The crew did a great job shooting the band from all angles and they even added a new camera that was set up right near the fabulous Chris Kuroda in order to capture the amazing Phish light show. One of my favorite parts of the DVD is Trey's smile. He obviously knows how awesome the band was sounding and you could tell that he was excited about it. He gives us tons of giggles, smiles and oh yeah faces throughout the entire show. It made me happy to watch and I felt proud of those four men from Vermont.

If you don't like the song Guyute then you might not like this show. Fans refer to this show as "Guyutica" since they played and teased this song many many times. I personally never thought it got old and got excited every time I heard Trey play that famous lick.

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