Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Infamous Stringdusters at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT

A man and a woman went on a date to Higher Ground in Burlington, VT to see the Infamous Stringdusters. They were blown away!! Check out their reactions.

The Woman (Taraleigh Weathers)

I am not the biggest fan of U2. My husband thought it would be funny to trick me into liking U2 when the Infamous Stringdusters did a cover from the band. He asked me if I liked the song which I said I did. When I found out it was U2 I said, "Well if U2 played the song like this then I would like it." That is how awesome the Infamous Stringdusters are! They took a song by an extremely famous and well respected band and I liked their version much better.

I seriously love this band now and want to see them every possible time I can. They had me at hello. One thing that I especially loved besides the fact that they are all extremely talented musicians and cute boys was their performance quality. They went from playing in one big long line of awesomeness to playing to each other in a circle just like they were around a campfire and we were along for the ride. I loved how they were constantly changing positions on the stage. I bet if all the band members had paint on their feet, the entire stage would be completely covered. They interacted with the audience and I felt personally responsible for how awesome the show was because they made me feel as though I was part of the band. I'm not special. They created this feeling for everyone in the crowd.

My advice to you.... GO OUT AND SEE THIS BAND!!!!

The Man (Dan Weathers)

On a cold and rainy night on an evening in Burlington, VT, bluegrass fans were warm and dry dancing their tails off to the Infamous Stringdusters. This high energy band really gets the crowd moving. While this band plays very traditional with an upright bass, dobro, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and guitar they also have a wide range of influences beyond bluegrass and country covering bands like U2 and the Police. Right off the bat you could tell these were all top notch musicians. Every note was concise and the singing came through clear. I really enjoyed watching the musicians interact. You could tell they loved what they were doing and they enjoyed watching each other as they ripped through searing solos throughout the night. As a fan you will either have fun dancing to the grooves or just sit back and marvel at the way this band tears through high paced songs never missing a beat. For me, I can't wait to see more of what these guys can do.

Check out their website for tourdates!


Greg said...

This show was so fun! The 200 or so people who made it out to the big room at Higher Ground were treated to 2+ hours of smokin-hot bluegrass, served up by the amazingly talented 'Dusters. I really feel like these guys have set a new standard in bluegrass, and this show really drove that home for me. The crowd was great too. Just an all-around great show. I'll see these guys anytime they're in town. Thanks for the review!

I shot a couple videos of the show - here's one of a nice little Andy Falco solo.

Anonymous said...

I agree - some musicians can even make U2 sound good :-)