Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eco-Tourism Tip Rent a Segway

Segway Canada Adventures with Taraleigh and Kimberly

Hi. I'm Taraleigh and I am a Segway-a-holic. My sister Kimberly and I were looking for a unique eco way to explore Montreal when we stumbled upon the website http://www.segcanada.com. Neither of us had ever Segwayed before so we reserved two Segways as well as booked a required indoor training with Eric. When we arrived at the Segway Montreal building that was in Old Montreal along the river our excitement and nervousness hit us. Were they really going to let us go alone after just a short training? Would we be ready? Should women and children be scared?

We checked in and signed all the forms saying that we were responsible for ourselves and the machines, picked out our helmets, and started training. Eric explained everything really well and had us practice going forward, going backwards, spinning in a circle, going up and down hills, bumpy roads, and most important how to stop. Kim and I were experts in no time and we were on our way into the real world.

We went all over the waterfront of Old Montreal. We traveled on boardwalks, parking lots, over bridges, and on cobblestone. The forty five minutes flew by and I wanted more. Segwaying is so easy and fun. There are many cities that are using Segways not only for eco-tourism but also for the police force. They run on lithium ion batteries and are helping cities lessen their dependence on foreign oil. Maybe Kim and I should change our occupations since we rocked the Segways. Well maybe not.

Kim and I give Segway Montreal 5 footprints on a scale of 1 to 5.


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