Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liberate Music Festival Sheldon, VT by Kimberly Silberberg

Flying into Burlington Friday afternoon I had visions of tofu scrambles, rainy nights in tents and a plethora of live music. I was picked up at the airport and we journeyed a bit around Burlington before packing the car up and heading to Liberate. We arrived super quickly-couldn't believe it was so close-and marvelled at the excellent grounds. It was a giant open space with rolling hills and the promise of a great weekend. We set up our tents on one of the aforementioned rolling hills (not the best decision ever) and met up with everyone. There wasn't a ton of food choices, although they were great ones-crepes from Skinny Pancake (yum for the veggie monster), pizza from American flatbread (oh so delicious) and a local stand selling burgers, veggie burgers, amazing lemonade, quinoa cranberry salad and a few other things I can't remember. This provided plenty of healthy nourishment over the weekend (and all tased great being washed down with some Magic Hat at the nearby beer garden).

The music was awesome-from Friday night's dancing until 4am to Saturday night's repeat performance of dancing (although I SO didn't make it until 4am!), I was happy. I think what amazed me the most was each and every time I had to go pee...there were no lines for the porta potties and they consistently had hand sanitizer and toilet paper-amazing! I also heard rumor that some of them even had scented candles!

Throughout the weekend, there were also many yoga classes and other options to keep yourself busy, although I was never sure when these events were occurring. I took part in the Healthie Hippie's nourishment for the mind, body and soul class (HH is my sissy so I had to!) which was great for creating a 'nourishment menu' to help you find things in life that nourish your soul aside from food (although, let me tell you, cheese and chocolate can be quite nourishing!). I wanted to take part in other classes and activities, however I really never knew when they were happening-that would be the only way this weekend could have improved-better schedules so people can take advantage of all the events being offered.

We decided to get an early start Sunday morning because it was raining and we figured it was better to get out before we got stuck in the mud! We packed everything up and piled in the car. Going up the muddy hills was a bit sketchy, however we made it to the top and were met by applause from a group of up all night and still looking to party hippies. Perfect.

I'd highly recommend Liberate to anyone who likes good music, scrumptous crepes, happy people and an overall great weekend!

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