Monday, April 27, 2009

The Machine at Higher Ground

I haven't seen "The Machine" in at least six years and they are the only band that gains more hair with age. Not only did they have more hair, but their music has gotten tighter and sounds even more like Pink Floyd. The lead singer's voice is hauntingly similar and if you close your eyes you would swear that you were listening to the band that they are covering. The crowd was immersed in their amazingness and I saw a lot of people with their eyes closes and their bodies swaying to the music. You could tell they were remembering times when they were listening to Pink Floyd and they were so happy to be able to experience something so close to the real thing in a small club like Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT. When "The Machine" comes to a venue near you, you've got to check them out! America's Premire Pink Floyd Experience

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