Monday, July 11, 2011

Experiencing Wanderlust by Casey and Journey

The HH Crew traveled to Stratton Mountain Resort in Bondsville, VT to experience Wanderlust Vermont and what an experience it was. Casey Webster and Suzanne Journey Blain went along for the ride of a lifetime and here is what they thought of the fantastic Wanderlust Festival.

Casey Webster's Story

For me, Wanderlust was an experience that started before the actual experience. I saw a poster for it months ago and proclaimed "This is where I want to be in June!" This was a crazy idea, seeing how I had just moved into an apartment that was a bit beyond my means and was in the midst of launching a new business that required a great deal of my time. However, I have been focusing my attention on manifesting the experience that I desire and trusting that things happen as they should. Just a week before the show, a friend (Taraleigh of HH Magazine) asked me to be her "date" for the event! Woooohoooo!!! Mission accomplished! Then, after all was arranged, I had car trouble. Once again, I was challenged to create the experience that I desired. In an uncharacteristically cool way, I decided to admit that I couldn't drive and open to the possibilities of getting there some other way. I'm SO glad that I did!

I could probably recount each minute of the entire weekend, complete with delicious menus, inspiring class titles and pauses for either introspection or full bellied laughter, but instead, I will just tell you what Wanderlust did for me. It renewed my spirit...and my faith in the human spirit. Each day I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and release both my judgment and my inhibitions- whether by burlesque dancers, unusually direct and down to earth yoga instructors or my own willingness to show up in the world a little different...a little more real and down to earth kind of way. Being surrounded by great people is not a new experience for me; I am blessed to share my earthwalk with amazing friends. Even still, being surrounded by an almost overwhelming amount of conscious, beautiful people sharing in a similar intention - evolving- was both inspiring and profound. I shed tears of joy each day...several times a day. Wanderlust has a very special place in my heart. I have already proclaimed that "this is where I want to be again next year." I trust that it will be so, and it will be great!

Suzanne Journey Blain's Story

It’s rare for many of us to take a minute – let alone a whole day or weekend – to “check in” with our bodies, minds, long term goals, passions etc. and to be real with ourselves. Wanderlust was an expensive walk into utter relaxation and refreshment for the body and soul. East coast yogis and yoginis came together with a sense of family and connectedness. It’s quite an anomaly to be treated with respect and gentleness by complete strangers in this busy world of non-stop work and to-do lists.

The teachers were continual students who seemed to blend and switch roles often. The attendees were very self-aware and seemingly came from upper and middle class incomes and backgrounds. Good intentions despite privilege were easily sensed and one could find non-profits being supported in intentional buying and eating choices all around.

It was fun to find out that my local teachers are on par in skill and knowledge as many of the “name brand” yoga teachers. But it was also apparent as to why some of these teachers have become nationally and internationally popular. No matter the class –power yoga, vinyasa, or meditation, the teachers were
    • very real and down to earth; their teachings were grounded in scientific fact and traditional knowledge.

      Joy and high vibrations exuded from the classes and music. People danced and celebrated and giggled. They pushed their yoga practices into new unexplored places and left feeling revived, refreshed, and ready to rededicate their daily lives to positive change and heightened awareness of body and intention - overall a very worthwhile investment!

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