Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Weekend at Wormtown, a Family Affair

Yet another amazing weekend was spent at Camp Kee-Wanee getting down with the Worms. For many of us this festival (and venue) has become a family reunion of sorts, a weekend spent with the family we choose for ourselves. One of the things that sets this festival apart from the others I attend, is the amount of actual families that attend year after year. Anyone who has taken a stroll through Family Camping knows what I’m talking about. Yes, there are kids at every festival I attend, there’s usually even a designated family camping section, but no one does it quiet like the Worms. Besides having the perfect location for family camping (well maybe not perfect, since it is very close to late night music…but almost perfect), Wormtown Trading ensures the kids have a great and SAFE time by providing them with cool things to do throughout the weekend.

What makes this location almost perfect you ask? The awesome, built in wooden jungle gym. Personally, I find it hard to not go running and screaming towards it every time I walk past it (if you know me, this takes A LOT of restraint), which explains why the kids love it so much. It screams fun. However, there’s way more to do in family camping then just play on the jungle gym. To ensure all the kids have fun filled days, Wormtown recruits Wendy Podlinski to head family camping. She’s responsible for all the planning and organizing that goes into it. To ensure the kid’s cabin is a hub of activities for the kids, she gathering supplies and volunteers to ensure the activities run smoothly. This year Sean Krause, Nathaniel Putnam & Frank Auriemmo tackled the job of getting all the RVS and campers into family and sites set up. While Kelly Auriemmo, Katy Krause & Carrie Parisi spent their time supervising the project and games.

This year’s star activity was Saturday morning Tye-Dying! All that was needed to participate was something white and cotton to dye, kids and adults had a blast! Forgot your shirt, not to worry! This year a multitude of items were dyed from shirts to socks and even some underwear got a few splashes of color. Other options for the kids were face painting, a treasure hunt, ‘mud’ making(a yummy sweet treat), and arts and crafts. Wendy makes sure all ages of kids can find something to do in the cabin. It’s a great place for kids work together and get to know each other better. The highlight of the weekend for family camping is the Kids’ Parade and Kids’ Set! I rarely see music before noon at most festivals, but I make sure to set an alarm (or 3) to catch the Kids’ set. I really cannot begin to put into words the feeling of joy I get watching all the kids sing their face painted hearts out. I end up with tears streaming down my face every year. It’s almost like I’m getting to watching the next generation grow up year after year. Many of these kids have been coming to Wormtown for 6 years now, that’s a whole lot of growing up!

Besides all of the organized activities there’s tons more going on. Club houses being created, water wars being waged, sharpie attacks under way (warning to all those whom enter family camping), marshmallow guns being fired, are just some of the impromptu hijinks taking place. It’s an awesome place to visit, but it’s important to remember that family camping is a there to keep the kids safe and foster a sense of family. While you’re visiting please keep in mind there are young and impressionable minds all around you. Be sure to show them what our scene is all about, peace, love, family, and music.

Story and Photos by Erin Connolly

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