Monday, September 13, 2010

Rhythm Devils at Higher Ground in S Burlington on 9/11 by Daniel Weathers

Rhythm Devils Higherground 09/11/10

Mickey’s Birthday Bash

On Mickey Hart’s Birthday I ventured out to Higherground to see Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart’s Rhythm Devils. I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Tim Bluhm on guitar/vocals from the Mother Hips and Davey Knowles on guitar/vocals so I really didn’t know what to expect.

What I found was a highly entertaining and energized show. The two guitarists really did a great job of taking on classic Grateful Dead standards like Cold Rain and Snow, Fire on the Mountain, Uncle John’s band and Mountains of the Moon while also offering some originals as well. While Mickey, Bill, Andy Hess, and Sikiru Adepoju held down the groove Tim and Davy really fed off each other. I was surprised with how well each sang lead on vocals and taking turns on guitar solos. They both kept the feel of the Grateful Dead but also
provided their own style and influence to the songs.

It’s always a joy to see Bill and Mickey playing together on the drums. The two of them really add so much to the show. The two are just tight. I came away from this show impressed and happy to have made it out to see the Rhythm Devils. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing them again.

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muffin said...

no mention of mike gordon sitting in for mickey's birthday?