Monday, November 9, 2009

EOTO Review Mishawaka Amphitheater by Dave Halchak

EOTO Mishawaka Amphitheater August 14th

EOTO is a band that is constantly evolving, everytime I see them, they seem to expand their sound, their approach of the music, and yes, the crowds continue to grow. Friday night at the Mishawaka Amphitheater was no exception to this general rule of EOTO. The show started off with a dubstepish vibe and I can tell already they've technologically advanced with sample processing and especially their overall sound. Whomp seems to be the theme of the night. Seems like this was what everyone wanted and was hoping for as they strolled up to this beautiful venue on the crisp August night. As the night goes on, it becomes refreshing to hear different "virtual" instruments being used along with live instruments. Overall, this was a very deep, dark set though they do finally break into a nice trancey jam about an hour in which really gets the crowd moving. On a night like tonight, it's very refreshing to hear LIVE intsruments being used in this genre of music. EOTO of August 14, 2009 is very different from EOTO of last week, and EOTO of last year, but in a lot of instances, I believe that is what continues to bring folks back and wanting more.


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