Monday, October 5, 2009

Wormtown Music Festival Worming it's Way into the Hearts of Kids

Wormtown Music Festival
Worming Its Way into the Hearts of Kids
Article and Photos by Erin Connolly

This year’s Wormtown Music Festival was once again another wonderful event thrown at Camp Kee Wa Nee in Greenfield, Massachusetts! It was a weekend filled with amazing weather, music, and friends! While attending over a dozen festivals at this camp, I have watched the camp continue to grow and improve. The most noticeable improvements being the 2 brand new cabins that the camp plans to use as new performing arts and arts and crafts buildings, but during Wormtown events they are the late night cabins! These cabins easily hold 3 times the amount of people than the old cabins did, so finally the party can move from outside the cabins to the inside, which comes in handy on nights when the temperature dips into the 30s!

While purchasing some ice, I had the chance to talk to Ron Wood, executive director, about some of the benefits of holding Wormtown events at the camp. I was proud to hear that about 40% of the camp’s annual funding was provided by Wormtown Trading. Prior to Wormtown holding festivals on the grounds, the campers did not have access to a good portion of the camp, including the creek, due to lack of paths and massive amounts of poison ivy. Over the years Wormtown volunteers have carved paths through the wooded areas (to make sure we have a place to pitch our tents) and opened up 80% more of the land for the campers. Thanks to the funding from Wormtown Trading combined with the profits from the ice and t-shirt sales, the camp has been able to keep their rates the same for the last 3 years while continuing to provide more services than other local camps.

It’s heartwarming to know that the fun times I have had at this camp have provided amazing experiences to the local children. Wormtown events are ones that you can feel good about attending, not only for the fun you’ll have, but the fun you’ll provide to dozens of children!

...and now the photos!

The new and improved late night cabins

The creek that is now accessable to the campers thanks to Wormtown events

Taraleigh hanging out at the official camp store

Executive Ron Wood and the gang

Wormtown camper Jason enjoying walking on a path made by Wormtown volunteers

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It's so wonderful to see the music community actively giving back. Great job Wormtown :)