Friday, June 12, 2009

Follow Up Interveiw with Harry from Green Vibes

Gathering of the Vibes is doing their part to save the world one stage and compostable utensil at a time. Here is an update from Harry on all of the things Gathering of the Vibes has accomplished on the green front.

HH- Any new progress with the solar stage? Did you find a rig that can support all of the solar stage's energy needs?

Harry- We weren't able to find a rig that can handle all of our energy needs strictly with solar power. It is really hard because we are getting bigger bands on the Green Vibes Stage and they have larger lighting and energy demands. We also added late night acts. The Machine is playing from 1:30-3:30 one night and they have a tremendous light show which requires a ton of energy. We want them and all the other bands to look their best for the fans.

HH- What percentage of the power will be solar?

Harry- We don't have an exact percentage as of yet, but it will be a large one.

HH- Have your found a farm to take all of the compostable cups, utensils, and plates?

Harry- Yes! The New Milford Farm will be taking all of our compostables. This is a huge development and we are so happy and grateful to them.

HH- They are going to have compost for years!

Harry- Yes. They know the magnitude of our event and the amount of compost that Vibes is going to produce and they are ready.

HH- Have you been able to find a company that will rent you generators that run on bio-diesel?

Harry- Yes! The company we are renting our generators from is On Site Energy. We are getting our bio-diesel from Suma Energy. We are hoping that by running our generators on bio-diesel that people will become more educated on bio-diesel and learn about all the truths and myths about it.

HH- Gathering of the Vibes will be an inspiration on this front. Thank you. Are you able to bring in water tanks so people can refill their water bottles?

Harry- That is one thing that we weren't able to do this year. The logistics for that to happen are so big. Each year we do more than the year before so this is something that is on our radar and we hope to do in the future because we think it is important.

HH- Anything new and good with Clean Vibes?

Harry- They will have great signage this year so it is clear where to throw your trash. There will be signs for composting, recycling, and regular trash. Their will be people called "Trash Talkers" that will educate the festival goers. We are setting up a "Trading Post" where people can bring recyclables to and in exchange they will receive prizes that our sponsors have donated.

HH- Would we be able to donate a Healthy Hippie Magazine to each person who brings the "Trading Post" recyclables?

Harry- Yes, we would love that!

HH- Thank you and I am so impressed with all that you have accomplished since the last time we spoke. Gathering of the Vibes is really onto something and I hope that you inspire other festivals to follow.

Harry- We hope that too. Thank you and see you on July 23rd in Bridgeport, CT!

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